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The Nissan 350z is a sleek and stylish sports car that has captured the hearts of many enthusiasts around the world. One way to make this already impressive vehicle stand out, even more, is by fitting it with Cosmis Racing Wheels. These wheels were designed to not only enhance the appearance of your car, but also improve its performance on the road. We offer a variety of attractive, lightweight aftermarket wheels. To find out what will work best for your build, we made it simple and divided fitment recommendations into multiple categories: Daily Driver and Aggressive/ Stance fitment.

Feel free to check out our Nissan 350z Customer Gallery to see pictures of the wheels on the cars.


1. Recommended Sizes

To start, your 350z has a 5x114.3 bolt pattern (also known as PCD). Knowing this is important; we want your wheels to bolt on!

Diameter: 17" - 20"

Width: 8" - 11"

Offset: +5mm to +45mm

Bolt Pattern / PCD: 5x114.3

Hub Bore: 66.1mm - Our 5x114.3 wheels have a 73.1mm center bore, so we recommend purchasing  hub-centric rings ⭕

Things to keep in mind before purchasing wheels:

  • Your suspension setup plays a crucial role in the wheel fitment. If you plan to lower your car, you'll need to be careful with the ride height to avoid any rubbing issues.
  • If you have Brembo or Nismo brakes or a BBK (big brake kit), such as Akebono brakes, spacers may be required to clear the brakes.
  • Staggered setups and rotating tires: First - if you aren't familiar with what a staggered setup is, it's when someone runs wider wheels and tires on one rear of the car. Because of this, you won't be able to rotate your wheels as you usually would. When dealing with staggered wheels and non-directional tires on your vehicle, the side to side rotation pattern can be used by swapping the right wheels with the left wheels and vice versa. It is important to keep the front tires in the front and the rear tires in the rear of the vehicle. If the tires are directional, you would have to dismount the tires and then swap over. This is more of a hassle, so keep this in mind before buying tires.


2. Daily Driver

The most common Cosmis wheel sizes we see 350z owners run is a staggered setup; more specifically 18x9.5 +10 in the front and 18x11 +8 in the rear. We luckily offer the XT-006R and XT-206R in both of these specs. In our opinion, the staggered XT-006R and XT-206R are the best wheels for the 350z. We will put the color options below, along with links and pictures to check the wheels out! Some owners choose to run camber to tuck, or you can run none for flush fitment. 

XT-006R 18x9.5 +10mm | 18x11 +8mm

Colors Offered: White, Gunmetal with Machined Lip, Black with Machined Lip, Black with Machined Spokes, Hyper Bronze, Hyper Gold, and Hyper Candy Red

Fitting the Cosmis Racing XT-006R 18x9.5 +10 and 18x11 +8 wheels on a Nissan 350z is an excellent choice for those who want to improve the vehicle's performance. The wider rear wheels provide more contact with the road, which translates into better traction and handling. This setup allows you to fit wider tires, which also enhances the grip and stability of the car, especially when cornering at high speeds. If the car is lowered we recommend rolling the fenders to prevent rubbing. The 18x9.5 fit flush, and match the rears perfectly - it's not noticeable that you're running two different wheel specs. 

BBK Tip: If you have Akebonos, you can get these wheels to clear the brakes with 15mm spacers and extended wheel studs. Fitment will be aggressive and slightly poke.

 Nissan 350z with Cosmis Racing Wheels XT-006R 18x9.5 +10mm and 18x11 +8mm 5x114.3
Nissan 350z with XT-006R 18x9.5 +10 and 18x11 +8 in White
Instagram @miss_350zed


Nissan 350z with Cosmis Racing Wheels XT-006R 18x9.5 +10mm and 18x11 +8mm 5x114.3
Drift 350z with XT-006R 18x9.5 +10 and 18x11 +8 in Black with Machined Spokes
Owner @sonya_slidez
Photographer @christian_j_williams

Nissan 350z z33 with Cosmis Wheels XT-006R Hyper Red 18x9.5 +10 and 18x11 +8 5x114.3
350z with XT-006R 18x9.5 +10 and 18x11 in Hyper Red
Tires: Front 245/35/18 | Rear 255/40/18
Suspension: Raceland Primo Coilovers
Rear quarter panels rolled to avoid tires rubbing.
Owner @Jos3_ventura
Photographer @shuz_archives


XT-206R 18x9.5 +10mm | 18x11 +8mm

Colors OfferedWhite, Gunmetal with Machined Lip, Black with Machined Lip, Black, Hyper Bronze, Hyper Gold, Hyper Candy Red, and Hyper Silver (our Hyper Silver looks similar to chrome)

We don't want to bore you with repetitive information, so if you haven't already, take a quick look at the XT-006R 18x9.5 +10 and 18x11 +8 fitment description above. The wheel specs are identical to those, so the same fitment information will apply!

 Nissan 350z with XT-206R Hyper Gold Wheels 18x9.5 +10 and 18x11 +8 5x114.3
Lowered Nissan 350z with XT-206R 18x9.5 +10 and 18x11 +8 in Hyper Gold
Tires: Front 225/40R18 | Rear 265/35R18
Suspension: Truhart Coilovers
Owner @andygangsta | Photographer @paar_7

Nissan 350z with Cosmis Racing XT-206R Hyper Bronze Wheels 18x9.5 +10 and 18x11 +8 5x114.3
Lowered Nissan 350z with XT-206R 18x9.5 +10 and 18x11 +8 in Hyper Bronze
Tires: Front 265/35R18 | Rear 295/35R18
Owner @gio_z33_ | Photographer


MR7 18x9 +25mm | 18x10 +25mm

Colors Offered: White and Black

The MR7 wheels aren't as common as our XT-series wheels, but they look fantastic nonetheless! No modifications are needed to run these. Just bolt-on and go. If you have a track-inspired Fairlady Z, these are awesome since you have more room to add a bigger tire. If you don't like the slight tuck, you can add a spacer to get them flush with the fenders.

 Nissan 350z with Cosmis MR7 White 18x9 +25 and 18x10 +25 5x114.3
2005 Nissan 350z Base with MR7 White 18x9 +25mm and 18x10 +25mm
Tires: Federal SS595 235/45
Suspension: Tein Coilovers
Instagram @Prmike1107

N5R 18x9 +15mm 5x114.3

Colors Offered: Hyper Black and White

In the realm of timeless design, where elegance meets simplicity, lies the enchanting allure of a five-spoke wheel. Pictured below is a 350z running the N5R in a squared setup. The owner did not have to roll or pull their fenders. There is no need for spacers, allowing for a seamless and hassle-free installation that is as effortless as it is rewarding.

2006 Nissan 350z with N5R Hyper Black Wheels 18x9 +15 5x114.3
2006 Nissan 350z with N5R Hyper Black 18x9 +15mm
Instagram @csr_z33


3. Aggressive / Stance

Looking to spice up your 350z with some fierce and aggressive wheels? Ready to make heads turn and jaws drop as you cruise down the streets? Well, hold on to your seats because we've got the scoop on how to rock our most aggressive wheels on your ride!

S1 18x9.5 +15mm | 18x10.5 +5mm (Slightly Aggressive)

Colors Offered: White with Milled Spokes, Black with Milled Spokes, and Hyper Bronze

If your car is slammed, you'll want to roll your fenders to avoid rubbing and run some camber. Without camber, these will poke. For those with stock suspension, you can daily drive on these wheels without modifications. The S1 is our most concave wheel and looks phenomenal on the 350z - see for yourself.👇

Nissan 350z with Cosmis Racing S1 18x9.5 +15mm | 18x10.5 +5mm 5x114.3 Wheels
Nissan 350z with S1 18x9.5 +15mm and 18x10.5 +5mm in Black Chrome (discontinued color)
Instagram @z33_seay 


MRII 18x10.5 +20mm 5x114.3 Squared

Colors Offered: Black, Gunmetal, Hyper Bronze, and White

Want to have slightly aggressive wheels, but not too much poke? These are a happy medium for daily drivers that want to have the look of a stance build, but still be able to function (I guess these are what you call function, form, AND stance?) With these babies, you have the freedom to run some camber, allowing them to tuck under the fenders. Alternatively, opt for 0-degrees and watch them poke out the fenders a teensy bit.

Nissan 350z with Cosmis Wheels MRII 18x10.5 +20 5x114.3
Nissan 350z with Cosmis Wheels MRII 18x10.5 +20 5x114.3
2004 Nissan 350z with MRII 18x10.5 +20 in Gloss Black
Tires: Front 255/40R18 | Rear 285/40R18
Fenders aren't rolled or pulled. Tires will rub if the car is slammed.
Instagram @luzee.fer


XT-006R 18x11 +8mm 5x114.3 Squared

Colors Offered: White, Black with Machined Lip, Black with Machined Spokes, Gunmetal with Machined Lip, Hyper Bronze, Hyper Gold, and Hyper Red

Do you want deep dish wheels? If yes, the 18x11 XT-Series are for you. Also, if you're unfamiliar with the term, a squared setup means your car is rocking the same size wheels and tires on all four corners to give it a uniform look. These wheels poke a decent amount on the front end of the car if you're not running camber. 

However, if you're looking to take things to the next level and create a stance build that really turns heads, you may want to consider running an extreme amount of camber to get those wheels to tuck. It's worth noting that this approach may not be for everyone, as it can be a bit extreme and may affect your car's handling and performance. But if you're looking to make a statement and show off your ride, it's worth considering.

Nissan 350z with Cosmis Racing XT-006R 18x11 +8mm 5x114.3 Gunmetal Wheels
Nissan 350z with XT-006R 18x11 +8mm in Gunmetal with Machined Lip
Tires: 255/35R18
Suspension: BC Racing Coilovers
Instagram @lkatwoman


XT-206R 18x11 +8mm 5x114.3 Squared

Colors Offered: White, Black, Black with Machined Lip, Gunmetal with Machined Lip, Hyper Bronze, Hyper Gold, Hyper Red, and Hyper Silver

We don't want to be a broken record 🔁 so if you haven't already, check out the XT-006R 18x11 +8 fitment description above. The wheel specs are identical, so you can expect the same fitment information to apply!

 Z33 Nissan 350z with Cosmis Racing XT-006R 18x11 +8mm 5x114.3 Black Wheels
Nissan 350z with XT-006R 18x11 +8mm in Black Squared
Instagram @team_hinckley


Let us know if you have a 350z with Cosmis wheels that we haven't added to this blog! We would love to add your car to this fitment guide. Please message us if you have questions or need help finding the right wheels for your build! 📩