2022+ Subaru WRX Wheel Fitment Guide

2022 Subaru WRX with Cosmis XT-206R-FF White 18x9.5 +38mm Aftermarket Wheels
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Is it time to upgrade the wheels on your Subie? Look no further! We offer a variety of attractive, lightweight wheels. To find out what will work best for your build, we made it simple and divided fitment recommendations into multiple categories: Daily Driver and Aggressive/ Stance fitment.

Feel free to check out our 2022+ Subaru WRX Customer Gallery to see pictures of the wheels on the cars.

1. Recommended Sizes

To start, your WRX has a 5x114.3 bolt pattern (also known as PCD). This is important, we want to make sure your wheels bolt on!

Diameter: 18" will be preferred, but we've seen up to 20"

Width: 8" - 9.5"

Offset: +35mm to +45mm

Bolt Pattern / PCD: 5x114.3

Tires: 255/35R18, 245/40R18 - These are some of the most common sizes we see on the new WRX. Tire size will vary depending on what size wheels you choose. Use these as a guide.


2. Daily Driver

XT-206R-FF (Flow-Formed) 18x9.5 +38mm - This wheel has perfect fitment for cars that are at OEM/stock ride height or lowered. These wheels are excellent for daily duties, spirited track events, and even show cars! These wheels are on the WRB WRX above and the same wheel (but in black with machined lip) below on the Lapis Blue WRX.

Colors offered: White, Gunmetal with Machined Lip, Hyper Silver (Silver with a Machined Face), Flat Black with Milled Spokes, Black with Bronze Lip, Hyper Bronze, and Black with a Machined Lip

Instagram @thomas0connor
Tires: 245/40R18
Suspension: OEM / stock


R1 18x9.5 +35mm - As stated above, this fitment is all around great for these cars if you're at factory ride height or lowered. These wheels have a slightly more aggressive offset, but are still completely safe for daily driven cars.

Colors offeredWhite, Black, Hyper SilverHyper RedGunmetal, and Aphotic Blue

2022 Subaru WRX with Cosmis R1 Black 18x9.5 +35mm Aftermarket Wheels2022 Subaru WRX with Cosmis R1 Black 18x9.5 +35mm Aftermarket Wheels
Instagram @retrowrx


R1 18x8.5 +35mmThese wheels are an inch more narrow than the Solar Orange car above. This will in turn make the wheel fitment less aggressive and be more sunken into the wheel well.

Colors offered: White, Black, Hyper SilverHyper Bronze, and Hyper Red

2022 Subaru WRX with Cosmis R1 Black 18x8.5 +35mm Aftermarket Wheels

Instagram @phatkid51


3. Aggressive / Stance

We see you've made it this far. You like to stand out from the crowd and that's okay.

XT-006R 18x9 +30mm - These wheels are a nice bolt-on but will have a slight poke due to the lower offset. With more camber, these will fit nearly flush.

Colors offered: White, Hyper SilverHyper Bronze, Hyper Red, Hyper Gold, Gunmetal with Machined Lip, Black with Machined Lip, Black with Machined Spokes, and Bronze Chrome

2022 Subaru WRX with Cosmis XT-006R Black with Milled Spokes 18x9 +30mm Aftermarket Wheels

Instagram @baller_wrx


MRII 18x8.5 +22mm - These wheels have a much lower offset to give it more of that concaved look. With that, we recommend to use a more narrow wheel to avoid too much poke. These being an 8.5" width helps keep the poke down and the stance up.

Colors offered: White, Black, Gunmetal, Hyper Bronze, and Bronze Chrome

2022 Subaru WRX with Cosmis MRII Black 18x8.5 +22mm Aftermarket Wheels


XT-206R 20x9 +35mm - Yes, we know, we are crazy telling you that you can fit a 20" wheel on these cars, but we have done it on our shop car! Check out our gallery if you want to see more images. We threw this in the aggressive category considering the small amount of tire you will have to run if the car is super low. We are running 235/35R20 Falken Azenis FK510 on Silver's NEOMAX Coilovers. Side note: We had to trim the plastic fenders to get the wheels to fit. Check out the video here.

Colors offered: Hyper Silver and Black

2022 Subaru WRX with Cosmis XT-206R Hyper Silver with Machined Face 20x9 +35mm Aftermarket Wheels

 Instagram @CosmisRacingUSA


MR7 18x9 +25mm - In terms of fitment, these wheels should fit on a stock 2022 WRX without any issues. However, if you're a fan of the slammed look and prefer your car to ride low to the ground, you may need to make some adjustments. Running camber could be necessary to make sure that the wheels fit properly without rubbing against anything.

Colors Offered: White, Black, Gunmetal, and Hyper Bronze

Bagged 2022 Subaru WRX with Cosmis Wheels MR7 18x9 +25mm 5x114.3
Instagram @monk.wrx
MR7 18x9 +25 Hyper Bronze - No spacers needed
Tires: 215/35R18
Suspension: Airdemand Airstruts and Airtekk Management


XT-206R 18x9.5 +10mm - Wanting to turn heads (in a good way - not because you drive a ricecar)? These are the wheels for you. They have the classic JDM look and perfect for clean, stance builds. With a few degrees of camber, you can have the wheels flush or tuck.

Colors Offered: Black, Black with Machined Lip, Gunmetal with Machined Lip, Hyper Bronze, Hyper Candy Red, Hyper Gold, Hyper Silver, and White

Bagged 2022+ Subaru WRX with Cosmis Wheels XT-206R 18x9.5 +10mm
Instagram @variantaero | Photographer @flickxbypete
XT-206R 18x9.5 +10mm 5x114.3 - No spacers
Tires: 245/40/18
Airtekk Air Suspension


If you have questions, please send us a message!
📩 Sales@CosmisUSA.com


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