2004+ Ford F-150 Cosmis Wheel Fitment Guide

2004+ Ford F-150 Cosmis Wheel Fitment Guide

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Transform Your 2004+ Ford F-150 with Cosmis Racing Wheels: Get Aggressive, Show-Stopping Style for Your Truck Today! Whether you've got a lifted truck or one that's lowered, we've got a range of high-quality wheels to suit your needs.

To give you an idea of how our wheels look installed, take a look at the images in our Ford F-150 Customer Gallery. You'll see some stunning examples. If you want a quick glimpse of pictures with more in-depth fitment information, scroll through this blog! Please note that this blog is about 2004 and newer F150s with a 6x135 (6×5.3) bolt pattern.

Recommended Wheels

XT-006R 20x9.5 +10mm 6x135

Colors Offered: Black with Bronze Lip and Black with Machined Lip

When it comes to upgrading the look of your truck, one of the easiest ways is by installing a new set of wheels. The XT-006R features a sleek, 6-spoke design that complements the rugged look of the Ford F-150. With a 20-inch diameter, 9.5-inch width, and +10mm offset, these wheels provide a perfect fit for your ride.

As for tire size, we've seen others run 275/45R20 to 255/55R20. Sizes will vary depending on what's done to the vehicle (e.g.; if a lift kit or drop kit has been installed), but on average 275/45 is the perfect match for the 20x9.5 wheel, providing a good balance between ride comfort, handling, and off-road capability.

2020 Ford F-150 with Aftermarket Cosmis Wheels 20x9.5 +10mm 6x135

2020 Ford F-150 5.0   |   Instagram @oscarcastanos_

Ford F150s with Aftermarket Cosmis Black Wheels 20x9.5 +10mm 6x135
Black F-150 @g.ruvalcabaa     |     Photographer @thecar.chronic

White F-150 @sideways.5.0 | Tires: 275/45R20 | Suspension: 3/5 Drop

 Ford F-150 with Aftermarket Cosmis Wheels Black with Machined Lip XT-006R 20x9.5 +10mm 6x135
Owner's Instagram @_ecobeateer   |   Photographer @allisterconcepts
Tires: 275/55R20   |   Suspension: 3/5 Drop from Belltech


XT-206R 22x10 +0mm 6x135

Colors Offered: Hyper Silver and Black with Machined Lip and Spokes

So why would you want to upgrade to a 22x10 +0 wheel on your Ford F-150? The answer is simple: it gives you an aggressive, standout look that's sure to turn heads wherever you go. The 22-inch diameter offers a bold presence on the road, while the 10-inch width ensures that your tires have plenty of contact patch for improved handling and performance.

But what about fitment? The good news is that this wheel setup is a great fit for a wide range of F-150s. With the correct tire size, you'll be able to run this wheel on everything from a stock F-150 to a lifted or lowered truck. Of course, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to fitment.

For starters, you'll want to make sure that your tires are the right size for your new wheels. With a 22x10 +0mm setup, you'll typically be looking at tire sizes in the range of 305/45R22 or 305/40R22. Make sure to check the load rating of the tires you're considering, as well as the overall diameter to ensure they'll fit properly on your F-150. We've seen other owners run sizes as small as 265/35R22 on a 5/7 drop (pictures below).

Additionally, you'll want to make sure that your suspension setup can accommodate the larger wheels and tires. If you've got a lifted truck, you'll likely have no issues, but if your F-150 is lowered, you may need to make some modifications to avoid rubbing or clearance issues.

5.0__girl's Ford F-150 with Aftermarket Cosmis Hyper Silver Wheels XT-206R 22x10 +0mm 6x135

Instagram @5.0__girl   |   Suspension: IHC 3/5 Drop

Grey Ford F-150 with Aftermarket Cosmis Black Machined Lip Wheels XT-206R 22x10 +0mm 6x135
2020 5.0 F-150   |   Instagram @jrchavez_5.0 

Tires: 305/40R22   |   Suspension: IHC 4/6 Drop

@co_sebas's Ford F-150 with Aftermarket Cosmis Black Machined Lip Wheels XT-206R 22x10 +0mm 6x135

2019 F-150 RCSB | Instagram @co_sebas | Suspension: 4/7 Drop 

@361.lowbo's Ford F-150 with Aftermarket Cosmis Black Machined Lip Wheels XT-206R 22x10 +0mm 6x135
2005 White F-150   |   Instagram @361.lowbo
Tires: 265/35/22   |   Suspension: 5/7 Belltech Drop Kit


XT-005R 20x10 +13mm 6x135

Colors OfferedBlack with Machined Spokes and Black with Machined Lip

Love the look of a classic 5-spoke wheel with a deeper lip/dish that isn't over the top? The XT-005R is what you're looking for. We made these to get that off-road look that's still practical, since you most likely aren't going to be daily driving a monster truck. We wanted to offer a variety of specs, so you can choose the OEM+ look with the XT-006R or make your truck ready for some dirt roads with the XT-005R.

Tires: Nitto 285/50R20 | Suspension: Factory suspension with a Ford Performance 1.5” drop rear leaf spring shackle. (Same that comes with the Ford Performance FP700 package.)

So what are you waiting for? Get the look you've always wanted for your Ford F-150 with Cosmis Racing Wheels today! Contact us at Sales@CosmisUSA.com for more information.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram or Facebook if you want to see updates on new releases.


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