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Cosmis Wheels Closed-Ended Lug Nuts M12x1.5 - Set of 20

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Color: Black

Features and Specs

Cosmis Racing Wheels Lug Nut Sets are perfect for the performance-minded car enthusiast. They are available in both black and chrome and are made of durable steel. Multiple threads are available. Get reliable and durable performance with these lug nuts!

  • Crafted from Durable Steel Material
  • Offered in Chrome and Black
  • M12x1.50 Thread Pitch
  • Includes 20 lug nuts and a socket key
  • Features a 60° conical seat (sometimes called "tapered" or an "acorn" lug nut)
  • Unique 7-sided lugnuts with a close-ended design
  • Dimensions listed in pictures

Cars that have a 12mm x 1.50 thread pitch

  • Most Acura: Integra, RSX, TSX, 2004-2008 TL, 2002-2006 MDX
  • Chevrolet 1982-2002 Camaro (Gen 3 and 4), 1997-2013 Corvette (C5, C6)
  • Ford Focus, ST, RS, Fiesta
  • All Honda Cars: Accord, Civic (excluding Type-R), CR-V, S2000
  • All Hyundai: Genesis Coupe, Veloster
  • Most Lexus: GS300, IS30, IS350, SC300, SC400
  • All Mazda Cars: MX-5 Miata, RX-7, RX-8, MazdaSpeed3 MS3, CX-3, CX-5, CX-9
  • Most Mitsubishi: 3000GT, Eclipse, Eclipse Cross, Evolution, Evo X, Galant, Lancer, Mirage
  • Scion xA, xB, xD, and 2005-2016 Scion tC
  • All Toyota Cars: Camry, Celica, Chaser, C-HR, Corolla, GR Corolla, MR2, MR2 Spyder, Supra (excluding 2019+ Supra)

Please be advised that although we have taken great care to ensure the accuracy of this list, we cannot guarantee its completeness or that a manufacturer has not modified their lug requirements for a specific model since its publication. It is recommended that you do not rely solely on this chart and instead consult your owner's manual before using this information as anything more than a reference. Failure to do so may result in damage to your vehicle.

This product is compatible solely with aftermarket wheels that feature lug holes with conical seating. Please ensure that you tighten the lug nuts to the specifications recommended by the manufacturer. It is strongly advised to manually thread and tighten the wheel lugs before using a torque wrench. We discourage the use of impact guns. As a safety measure, it is advisable to inspect and re-tighten all lug nuts after driving for 25-50 miles.

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